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Bachelor’s Mathematics Master’s Management and Leadership University of North Florida Florida Mechanical & Agricultural University “We don’t make excuses, we create solutions.” “Average people do average things; There is nothing wrong with it, but it is crowded.”

Principal John O'Brian

Dear Stakeholders,

Hello and welcome to Paterson Elementary School.  I know this sounds like a typical cliché, but I am sincere when I articulate how personally honored I am to serve the Paterson community, students, faculty and staff as their Principal. Paterson Elementary is a part of the School District of Clay County.  It is located on Fleming Island, Florida.  One of twenty-seven elementary schools, Paterson Elementary offers a full academic program to approximately 1, 060 students.  

Paterson Elementary is considered a high performing academic school.  Paterson students consistently perform above the District and State level on state assessments.  Our teachers are continuously enhancing their skills and knowledge to foster student learning ensuring future college and career preparation.  Our extracurricular academic programs include: Gifted studies, National Elementary Honor Society, Music, Technology, Robotics, Art, Physical Education, Media Exploration, and Theater.  In addition to Physical Education, we have track and lacrosse after school programs.

One of the truly unique characteristics of Paterson Elementary is the family and community involvement.  The integration of the families, local community businesses, faith groups, and general community members are essential to any successful community school.  Regardless if someone has a student and/or family member in the school, the school is often the focal point our community.  We embrace that and foster those relationships to solidify the partnership of the school and community.  Such activities would include: family nights, movies, carnivals, student performing arts programs, open House, orientation, business partner night, and many more opportunities for the community to participate and interact with the school.   

As I articulated, I am very fortunate to serve my students, faculty, staff, parents and community that are a part of the Paterson family.  Together, we all make a difference in the lives of one another and our students every day.    


John O’Brian