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Addison Davis Recognized as 2019 Outstanding Superintendent Communicator of the Year

The Sunshine State Public Relations (SUNSPRA) recognized Superintendent Addison Davis as their 2019 Outstanding Superintendent Communicator of the Year on Thursday at the Florida School Boards Association Annual Joint Conference in Tampa, Florida.

The award signifies excellence in communication, outstanding leadership, and shows the candidate exemplifies the following:

  • Demonstrates the value of a year round, ongoing program of internal and external communications
  • Supports communications by allocating a portion of the budget to the program and provides staff and board training
  • Works closely and in a strategic way with the district’s communications professionals
  • Practices communication management techniques such as empowering staff, working with the community, interacting with the media, and building partnerships with other entities
  • Demonstrates excellent personal communication skills such as ethics, honesty, openness and good listening skills


“I am thrilled to accept this award from the Sunshine State School Public Relations Association! As the Superintendent of Clay County District Schools for the last three years, I have made a focused and diligent effort to communicate effectively and efficiently with all stakeholders in my community. Now, more than ever, we must engage internal and external audiences on many different platforms to keep them informed and to market our schools in an ever-changing landscape. Public Relations is a vital part of the organization and the way we communicate with our constituents evolves every day. We must think differently about how we reach these audiences to meet their needs and, ultimately, make our schools the best environment for our students and employees. I am thankful for the work that SUNSPRA does to provide professional development and networking opportunities to our districts, so we can all work together to make a difference in our communities,” said Addison Davis. 

About The Sunshine School Public Relations Association (SUNSPRA):

SUNSPRA is an organization dedicated to the needs, goals, and professional development of public relations experts who specialize in education communications. It is the definitive organization for PR professionals in Florida, which ties to the National School Public Relations Association network.