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Principal Laurie Burke

Keystone Heights Junior/High School is a uniquely hidden gem in beautiful Clay County.  As educators we take pride in our school and welcome the challenge to provide our students with strong instruction and engaging opportunities to instill lifelong learning skills. I believe that we are growing leaders.  Leaders who will develop a love for others, hard work ethic, and personal accountability.  I encourage all students to take part in extracurricular activities at school because their learning does not stop in the classroom.  

At Keystone, we strive to provide a positive and encouraging learning environment to support students’ social and emotional growth.  Educators, families, and communities have a vital role in students’ lives to guide them in a positive direction as they learn through life’s successes and failures. We are also tasked with being a positive example as they are watching and learning from us every moment.  We are committed to provide the best experience for all of our students.

We encourage positive and supportive parental involvement in students’ educational experience.  We believe that working and supporting students together is when we get the best results in preparing them for their future endeavors.  We truly believe that all students can be successful.

The high school years are an exciting time to make the best friendships and memories to last a lifetime.  Still to this day, I personally value the friendships and memories that I gained as a Keystone Heights Junior/High School student.  Keystone is the best place to be!  

Laurie Burke