School Board Policies

School Board Picture
  • From left to right: Tina Bullock- District 4, Janice Kerekes - District 1, Ashley Gilhousen- District 5, Superintendent David Broskie, Mary Bolla- District 2, Beth Clark - District 3.

  • The five-member School Board is elected on a non-partisan basis for a four-year term. Although elected by the county at large, each member must reside within a different geographical district. By Florida Statutes, all business of the School Board, which has the responsibility of setting policy for the School District, must be conducted in public meetings, advertised in advance. As of January 2017, regular Board meetings will be held on the 1st Thursday of each month at the Teacher In-Service Center, on the campus of Fleming Island High, at 6:00 p.m.

    All School Board Meetings can be viewed live on Comcast Channel 260 or via streaming on the Internet. Beginning in December 2016, all meetings will be streamed live via YouTube. The video archives of past Board meetings (May 2011 - November 2016) can be viewed on EduVision or our YouTube Channel (November 2016 - Present). The agenda is published 7 days in advance of a Board meeting and posted on the School District website under the link on the side for Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes. The minutes of each meeting are posted once the Board approves them the following month.


Procedures for Citizen Participation


    A member of the public who wishes to comment or speak about a matter on the agenda of a School Board meeting shall, before the meeting begins or as soon as possible thereafter and using the speaker cards provided, submit in writing, his or her name, address, the name of any organization or group represented, and the agenda item number(s) or topic(s) which the speaker wishes to address. Those who are speaking on agenda items shall be permitted to do so before the Board takes action on the agenda item. At the discretion of the presiding officer, a member of the public may address the Board on a non-agenda item. A time limit of three (3) minutes will be imposed on each public comment speaker unless the time is extended by the presiding officer. The Board will accept written comments beyond the time allotted.

    Speaker cards shall not be accepted after the School Board begins the discussion agenda. Only the individual submitting the speaker card is allowed to address the School Board for the allotted time. Speaking time may not be “yielded” or given by one speaker to another speaker. The Superintendent and School Board members may ask questions of and request further explanation from the speaker. The time used by the Superintendent and School Board members for questions and explanations shall not be counted against the time allotted to the speaker pursuant to this policy. (Ref. F.S. §§ 286.011(6), 286.0114(2), 1001.372, 1001.42, 1001.51) [Amended 05/16/13; 01/15/15; 06/07/18]