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Clay County District Schools Launches Drop-In Clinics


  • The District launched Drop-In Clinics as the need for additional mental health supports in schools has become evident, and is now a requirement by statute for school districts to provide and track ongoing services


  • Approximately 15 percent of students are in need of early intervention services, so the District will partner with community agencies to provide a master’s level mental health clinician to staff a Drop-In Clinic where students can receive brief mental health assistance.


  • The intent of Drop-In Clinics are not to provide diagnoses or treatment plans for students, but short-term support for behavioral barriers that are interfering with their academic success. The clinic will serve as a resource for triage, monitoring, and referral services, which are early interventions.


  • Students can self-refer or be referred by other school staff for a 10-30 minute visit to the Drop-In Clinic.


  • Any student who is seeking assistance on a regular basis will be referred for more intensive therapeutic services. When short term therapeutic services are not available to students, Drop-In Clinic clinicians will provide students with a referral resource for external providers. Additionally, school staff may utilize the Drop-In Clinic as a resource as well.


  • Participating agencies: Right Path Behavioral, Children's Home Society, and Youth Crisis Center


  • Participating schools & other expanded mental health services: 


    • 10 Drop-In Clinics:
      • Ridgeview High, Clay High, Fleming Island High, Oakleaf High, Orange Park High, Middleburg High, Oakleaf Junior High, Green Cove Springs Junior High, Lake Asbury Junior High, Lakeside Junior High


    • 6 schools with one day of therapy per week
      • Clay High, Fleming Island High, Oakleaf High, Middleburg High, Green Cove Springs Junior High, Lake Asbury Junior High


    • Expansion of other therapeutic services full time to:
      •  Orange Park Junior, W.E. Cherry Elementary and part time to: Montclair Elementary, Wilkinson Elementary, Middleburg Elementary, and S. Bryan Jennings Elementary


    • These add to what was already in place last year: full-time therapeutic services at Grove Park Elementary and Charles E. Bennett Elementary and part-time at W.E. Cherry Elementary