1:OneClay Classrooms

  • flipped

    The 1:OneClay Classroom initiative takes the concept of the traditional classroom and flips it on its head.   This initiative has not been an easy one.  The topsy-turvy feeling some have to integrate technology for classroom productivity and classroom instruction has been made easier by agreeing on the following three tenets:

    1. Students need to be empowered to use technology to take ownership of their own learning through meaningful connections with others, increased efficiency, and access to carefully cultivated content, curriculum, and online resources that are aligned with Florida Standards and individualized learner goals.
    2. Teachers need to be able to plan for and instruct students in tasks that are targeted to individual learner goals using digital tools and online resources aligned with District and State Curriculum. They will also need to use technology to communicate and connect with all stakeholders.
    3. Administrators, specialists, and coaches need to be able to use technology to connect and communicate with all stakeholders, increase efficiency in daily tasks, and to evaluate the data from digital tools and online resources to drive instructional decisions.