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  • Is the Junior ROTC Program a recruiting program?

    JROTC is NOT a recruiting program.  Students are in no way obligated or pressured to join any military service.  JROTC is a leadership and citizenship program developing our young people to be leaders in our community.  We teach valuable “life skills” to help your cadet succeed in any career path they choose. No matter what your son or daughter may choose to follow, they will benefit greatly by actively participating in this program.  The students work hard to run the program on their own by developing a strong chain of command and exercising it daily. 

    Are the Junior ROTC activities required?

    JROTC extracurricular activities are not required; however, they are strongly encouraged to learn the value of teamwork and allow Cadets to earn awards.  We have something for everyone and the best part is your Cadet can pick and choose what activities they want to participate in. Most practices are before and after school Monday-Friday from 6-7am & 2-4pm.  These times and days of the week are dependent on which team your cadet signs up for and can be easily found on our interactive webpage under the unit calander & Plan of the Week (POW).

    What are some of the possible competion areas in Junior ROTC? (varies among units)

    Academics Team / Brain Brawl – Team of  5, Written exams, jeopardy style games against other schools

    Athletics Team – Team of  16, ,Sit-up, push-up, relay races, and fun runs

    Color Guard Drill and Events – Team of  4, Parades, flag raising ceremonies, and sporting events

    Unarmed Basic Drill – Team of  9, Standard marching without a drill rifle

    Armed Basic Drill – Team of  9, Standard marching with a drill rifle

    Unarmed Exhibition Drill – Team of  9, Trick/intricate team marching without a rifle

    Armed Exhibition Drill – Team of  9, Trick/spinning a rifle team marching

    Marksmanship Air Rifle Team - Team of 5, 10 meter range shooting standing, kneeling, and prone

    Orienteering Team - Team of 5, cross country course race using a map and compass to find waypoints

    What does a typical week look like for Junior ROTC students? (Varies among units)

    Monday -       Military Drill Cadets conduct drill sequences outside with proper footwear.

    Tuesday -       Academics  Classroom instruction in NS1, NS2, NS2, and NS4.

    Wednesday - Academics Classroom instruction in NS1, NS2, NS3, and NS4.(SAT, ACT, & ASVAB prep. courses)

    Thursday -    Personnel Inspection Cadets wear their uniform for a grade and knowledge check.

    Friday -         Physical Training Cadets warm up, exercise, & play sports.


    For additional questions contact the school based JROTC Instructors.